The Goodwill Guides to WW2 Dressing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put together your first reenacting outfit quickly & easily? If it was as simple as running to the local resale shop & cost about as much? If you knew that you would pass the dreaded Safety & Authenticity inspection without tearing your hair out over what to wear?

You’re in luck. Thanks to the inspiration of a friend & her growing sons plus the looming Rockford WW2 event later this month, I have been thinking a lot about WW2 clothing. Not just for myself, but for everyone around me as well. Thus an idea was born.

The Goodwill Guides to WW2 Dressing

Goodwill Guide Women Cover Goodwill Guide Men Cover

The Goodwill Guides aren’t meant to be the end-all, be-all of how to dress for WW2 events. That takes time, research & a lot more than 2 sheets of paper. Instead they are intended to give new reenactors a quick guide to the style of the time so they can create a generic civilian look that will pass Safety & Authenticity stress free. Who doesn’t want to make that part of Saturday morning at events easier?

The basic pieces & simple styles presented in the guides can easily be found at the local resale shop, grandmother’s closet & even some modern clothing stores. The styles are intentionally generic so that they will work for both Allied & Axis civilian impressions. I have left hairstyles & cosmetics off for simplicity sake. After all, there is usually someone at an event willing to help with doing your hair but rarely someone willing to (literally) give you the shirt off their back.

The “Goodwill Guides” are perfect for newcomers to the hobby, girlfriends being dragged along with their boyfriends, dancers who just want to look good at the hangar dance, parents who find their kids have outgrown everything a week before an event & museums who need to dress large numbers of volunteers on limited budgets. I have personally used them to put together last-minute clothing for my daughter & her friends. I’m all about being frugal when it comes to something the teens may or may not actually wear.

Follow the links below to download & print these handy PDF files. Or save them to your phone so the next time you are wandering around Goodwill trying to find something to wear for that event you almost forgot was this weekend, you will be prepared.

I can’t wait to see what you put together!

Goodwill Guide WW2 – Women

Download the Goodwill Guide to WW2 Dressing for Women & Girls.

Goodwill Guide WW2 – Men

Download the Goodwill Guide to WW2 Dressing for Men & Boys.

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